Contribute to Canto

Canto is a distributed community of DeFi advocates for a free public infrastructure.

Though the initial Canto contributors have created resources for Canto announcements and details, there are no official Canto channels or branding assets, as any Canto community member can create resources, channels, imagery and discussion on Canto.


In case you're new to Solidity development, here are step-by-step instructions on how you can deploy your first contract on Canto using Remix
The contributor-operated block explorer supports contract verification, allowing you to share your smart contracts' source code, methods, and ABIs with users and developers through the explorer itself.
An overview of how Canto DEX and lending market primitives primitives are designed and how you can interact with them.
Building smart contracts for the Canto EVM is the same as doing so for Ethereum or any other EVM-compatible chain, with the only difference being the network itself.
Building on Canto's execution layer is just like building on Ethereum