Bridge assets to Canto from Ethereum or Cosmos Hub, and back to Ethereum
As an EVM compatible chain, you can connect to the Canto network using MetaMask.
The Canto LP Interface allows users to provide liquidity and receive LP tokens.
A breakdown of the metrics that are displayed in the Canto Lending Market
The Canto governance page is a place where all users who have staked Canto can vote on proposals.
The Canto Lending Market allows you to supply and borrow assets, including LP tokens received from the Canto LP Interface.
There are two Canto ledgers: native Canto and the Canto EVM. Depending on what you want to do on Canto, you may need to convert assets from one chain to the other.
Staking, also known as delegating, is the process of locking up your $CANTO tokens for a period of time to contribute to the security of the Canto network.
$NOTE is Canto’s unit of account and one of the three core DeFi primitives to be featured on Canto at launch.
Canto realizes the vision set out by the first builders that core primitives should exist as Free Public Infrastructure (FPI).