Providing Liquidity

The Canto LP Interface allows users to provide liquidity and receive LP tokens.

When users land on the site, they will see all available pools to provide liquidity for. To begin with, Canto will go live with 5 pools; Canto/Note, Canto/Eth, Canto/Atom, Note/USDC, and Note/USDT. In the table, the asset, TVL, current wallet's position and % share of the pool will be displayed.

image 60.png

Add Liquidity

In order to add liquidity to the Canto LP Interface:

  1. Click on the pool that you are looking to add liquidity to. This will open the "Add Liquidity" modal:

image 61.png

  1. If necessary, enable the tokens which you wish to add liquidity for on the Canto network.

image 62.png

  1. After completing the enable transaction, enter how much liquidity you wish to provide, and click the "Add Liquidity" button.

image 63.png

  1. You will then be shown the details around the transaction, such as the current exchange rate between the two tokens, the share of the pool you will own, and the amount of LP tokens you will receive. Once you are certain you wish to make this transaction, click "confirm".

image 64.png

  1. Once the transaction is complete, you will see all the pools you are currently providing liquidity to under the "current position" section.

image 65.png

Remove Liquidity

In order to remove liquidity from the Canto LP Interface:

  1. Select the pool from your current positions that you wish to remove liquidity from. Then select the remove button. image 66.png

  2. Enable the Canto network to remove liquidity for that specific pool. image 67.png

  3. Enter the percent of liquidity you wish to remove, and click the remove liquidity button.

image 68.png

  1. You will then see details about the transaction. Once you are certain you want to make this transaction, press confirm.

image 69.png

  1. Once the transaction is complete, you will see your current position in that pool updated.

image 70.png